The land of volcanoes. Tour to Tolbachik volcano!

Journey to the great fissure eruption of Flat Tolbachik volcano - the seventh largest fissure eruption in modern human history.

Ploskij Tolbachik

On November 27, 2012, an eruption began in the area of the volcano Flat Tolbachik, located in the natural Park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka". Large fissure volcanic eruptions are rare natural phenomena. In historical time, there were only 6 such events. Two of them were in Iceland, two in Mexico. The fifth great fissure eruption was in 1730-1736 on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary archipelago off the northwestern coast of Africa. Finally, the sixth-the great tolbachin fissure eruption-occurred in Kamchatka from July 6, 1975 to December 10, 1976. It was the largest basalt eruption in historical time in the Kuril-Kamchatka volcanic belt, where about a tenth of the active terrestrial volcanoes of the world are concentrated. As a result of this eruption, new volcanic cones were formed, surrounded by huge fields of lava and slag. Until recently, the volcano was in an active phase.

During the tour it will be possible to see: volcanoes Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, lava fields of the big Crack tolbachin Eruption, tolbachin Dol, new Tolbachin cone, Northern breakthrough, "Dead forest", sinkholes and caves.

Period: from June 27 to September 15.

Difficulty level: suitable for a physically healthy person aged 13 to 70 years.

Tour program for 4 days.

Day 1. Early departure to the North 600 km (13-15 hours). On the way (through  300 km) stop for lunch in the village-Milkovo. Transfer to Tolbachinsky Dol to the foot of the volcanic massif formed by volcanoes Sharp and Flat Tolbachik. (80 km 5-6 hours!). Well, if there's rain, it's much longer! Until you find it, this road )))


The road to Tolbachik


The path runs through a coniferous forest, turning into a Bush, then passes through slag fields and off-road. But the views are breathtaking from the vast expanses of forests and lava fields!



the colors of autumn



On arrival, the installation of a tent camp will be made.


Tent camp


Day 2. After an early ascent, the group will go to the foot of the volcano Flat Tolbachik (3140 m) and make an ascent (10-12 hours).


The group on the route


Inspection of the crater and volcanic landscapes of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes.



Comfortable stay



Cinder cones at the Northern breakouts.



the group reached


Day 3. Early breakfast. On this day, an excursion will be organized to the caves with colored stalagmites and stalactites of volcanic origin, in which equipment for research and measurement of growth rate is installed. The caves were formed as a result of eruptions in 2012-2013 and still store the heat of the earth. They can be warmed or quickly dried during bad weather. The temperature is 60-80 C.   Visit «Dead forest»,   natural object « Star », inspection btti 1975-1976 (height 200-300 m). In good weather, it overlooks the lava flows of the southern breakthrough, located 28 km South.


Night fire


Return to camp. After dinner and rest we will make a night trip to the glowing lava in the dark.


lava glow in the night


Last short night in tents.


Day 4. Early departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. One last look at the beauty and the way home.


autumn colors


We will have lunch in the village of Milkovo. And in the evening we will be in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.



Recommended equipment:

1. small backpack (15-20 l.);

2. sleeping bag (issued on the tour for free) or liner to it;

3. sleeping pad (polyurethane pad is issued for the free tour);

4. Hiking boots with hard soles;

5. replacement shoes (sneakers);

6. membrane lightweight clothing;

7. waterproof jacket and pants (Gore-tex);

8. raincoat;

9. headlamp;

10. swimsuit (possible stop for swimming in r. Malka);

11. sunglasses;

12. trekking poles (issued on the tour for free);

13. personal first aid kit;

14. mosquito and Midge repellents.


1. accommodation in Kozyrevsk, if provided;

2. transport service;

3. services of the guide and the cook, the guide;

4. meals on the route and in the village of Milkovo;

5. bivouac equipment (tents, tables, dishes);

6. permission to visit Klyuchevsky Park.


1.Accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


 The program may have minor adjustments related to weather conditions.


Our friendly team opened a group Vkontakte "Tolbachinsky breakthrough 2017" ( Come see our photos.


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