Recommended list of equipment for traveling in Kamchatka.


SHOES:High trekking shoes

  1. Special leather or lightweight, made of waterproof Gore-tex fabric, boots with thick, corrugated soles. Shoes should be well-broken-in, so as not to cause you any discomfort during the hike and to fix the ankle so that in case sliding on the slag, or stones, to prevent fractures and dislocations.
  2. You can, if the snow has not yet melted, additionally take rubber boots with a corrugated sole, they should be 1-2 sizes larger to wear with a thick felt insole( in places on the route snow, the surface is cold) on two socks (one thin and one warm) or with footcloths.
  3. Spare shoes in case your shoes get wet or to rest your feet while camping. But, if you go on snowfields during the day, shoes, even famous brands кошкиget wet .
  4. Shale, which will be useful to you when swimming in thermal pools.
  5. On slippery and snow-covered slopes will be useful "cats" simple design.




  1. Waterproof and windproof jacket (windbreaker). Material Gore-Tex is considered the most reliable, because in addition to the fact that it protects you from the rain, things sewn from Gore-Tex perfectly pass the air, preventing overheating (important in rain, climbing).
  2. Fleece jacket – the type of Windblock or similar.
  3. T - shirts - 2-3 PCs.
  4. Gloves - windproof (you can ordinary x/b, but if the fog falls, the gloves will get wet).
  5. Woolen or fleece hat (for climbing volcanoes) with or without visor.
  6. Bathing suits and towels. Towels are only available in hotels.
  7. Socks-it is better to have both thin and thick socks (thick socks prevent the formation of corns). It is not recommended to wear 100% cotton and synthetic socks during long Hiking trips.



  1. Sunglasses (snow on volcanoes can burn your eyes).
  2. Flashlight (headlamp). Lanterns are needed in order to be able to go out at night from the house to the pool or to the toilet. The objects are powered by a generator, it turns off at night.
  3. Those who have in the program are spending the night on the Avacha volcano in tourist houses, will need sleeping bags (night temperatures +3+8) for 2 nights. Sleeping bags can be rented in the company "Kamchatka Grand Tour" 200 rubles/day. We recommend in this case to take a personal liner in a sleeping bag. The liner can easily be made yourself, sequentially stitching 2 sides of the home sheet.
  4. A small backpack (15-20 liters) to carry with you on the ascent clothes that you will wear at a height where it is cold and windy even in summer, personal food and water.
  5. Medicines necessary for you personally.
  6. A remedy for insect bites.
  7. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, comb.Leggings
  8. Very convenient when climbing :
    • the so-called "gaiters"or " lanterns" - sports gaiters on the locks, protecting from ingress of slag and stones in shoes,
    •sticks - telescopes ( rental - 100 rubles for the tour ).
  9. And do not forget, please, sunscreen of a high order ( as on the ascents can be very burned – especially burn the face and hands), otherwise you will have to use the means of burns.

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