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Tours to Kamchatka begin at the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a meeting of aircraft from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk.
What is the advantage of our tours? Author's programs for any level of physical training-the result of our activities in Kamchatka for 17 years. With each group on the route 5 employees work-carry out ascents and simple excursions, tasty feed and accurately carry on off-road.
Why are we cheaper?We create and perform tours ourselves. Our prices for tours are lower than the market by 10-15%, the quality is excellent - we are recommended on TripAdvisor, the content of programs is maximum, and the terms of payment for tours are flexible.
How to save money? The most popular dates from July 15 to September 5 end quickly. Take advantage of airline promotions and buy tickets in advance. The cost of a tour to Kamchatka with a flight from St. Petersburg, can be from 50 to 90 thousand rubles, the difference is the increase in prices for air tickets in the summer.
Responsibility.We are responsible for the product, cherish long-term reputation. Buying from aggregators, you do not know who is running your program.
What to see? The valley of geysers, Kuril lake, bears, killer whales, salmon, active volcanoes, hot thermal springs are the elements of our programs.
Consultations from October to May, our employees conduct Moscow time.
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We recommend these tours for the first visit to Kamchatka!

Discovering Kamchatka comfort tour maximum+Light! Comfortable tour "Acquaintance with Kamchatka maximum plus".

Active program with rest in hotels with thermal pools and visiting the most popular places within a radius of 150 km around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Tourists spend 3 nights in the famous Soviet sanatorium "Nachiki", which magically restored health.
This is the light version of the tour, any physical form is suitable for it.



From 30 June to 8 Sept
For group from 12 pax
every Sunday and Thursday

from 1550 Euro

River OzernayaTo volcanoes and geysers (part 2)
Kuril lake + Tolbachik.

Warm Tolbachik, cold sea of Okhotsk, hot thermal fields, a majestic natural monument - kutkhiny Baty, live Kuril lake, unique bear fishing. The author's car-walking tour is recommended by us for a second visit to Kamchatka or as a continuation of our basic programs "Acquaintance with Kamchatka". Performed in groups and individually.
In Russian speaking group or with interpreter.


August 5, 6
For group from 10 - 11 pax
For group 4 pax without interpreter 
21, 22 July - 2 spaces no interpreter 

1800 Euro

Tour to TolbachikHot lava volcano Tolbachik - Jeep tours

Journey to the big crack eruption of the volcano Flat Tolbachik. During the tour it will be possible to see volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya group: VLK. Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, BETTY lava fields, tolbachin Dole, new cones, North break, "Dead forest", lava flows and caves. Eat a dish cooked on the cooling, but still glowing in the night lava.


July - September

for group 4 pax , no interpreter

from 950 Euro

Helicopter tour to the Valley of geysersFlight to the Valley of geysers with landing in the Caldera of Uzon volcano.

The valley of Geysers is one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century, the pearl of Kamchatka, hidden "in a deep canyon on the territory of the Kronotsky biosphere reserve. It is a miracle of Russia! And on Ozone there are modern processes of mineral and ore formation! One of the 7 wonders of Russia is worth seeing at least once. Additional landing for swimming in Nalychevskaya valley. The tour is 6-7 hours.


July - September


70 000 ₽

Helicopter excursion to lake KurilskoyeHelicopter excursion to the Kuril lake. Bear fishing, the volcano Ksudach, Khodutka springs.

Kuril lake is the largest spawning ground in Eurasia, which accepts up to 12 million sockeye salmon for spawning. On the shores of the Kuril lake you can simultaneously see up to 30 quite peacefully fishing bears. The flight will be decorated by landing at the lake Shtyubelya in the crater of the volcano Ksudach and relax in warm waters on the Khodutka river .


July - September


70 000 ₽


Klyuchevskoi volcano
















Kamchatka is one  of the most pristine destinations in the world. Barely touched by the civilization, it sees only a handful of visitors each year. This is outstanding volcanic regions, with a high density of active volcanoes, a variety of types, and a wide range of related features. The Kamchatka Volcanoes is a landscape of exceptional natural beauty with its large symmetrical volcanoes, lakes, wild rivers and spectacular coastline. It also contains superlative natural phenomena in the form of salmon spawning areas and major concentrations of wildlife.
 This is one of our most unique tours and probably the best deal for traveling to Kamchatka that you can find.
Spend most of your time in the outdoors hiking, trekking, and rafting in the stunning landscape!


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Kamchatka trip planning and vacation packages with Kamchatka Grand Tour!

Our Kamchatka tour packages span all styles of travel on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Visit spectacular The Valley of Geysers, take a travel package including the Avacha boat trip, and see wildlife of bear viewing excursion on Kurilskoe lake or bird watching tours.
You will find it all on this website. Our extensive selection of shore excursions, activities and packages for individual travel programs to group tours. Our expert trip planning services cover the region from Kurilskoe Lake to Klyuchevskoy national park, from the Pacific Ocean coast to the Ohotskoe sea. We tailor-make land tours for escorted groups or independent travelers, so let us help you plan your Kamchatka vacation for family and friends.
For over 10 years, Kamchatka Grand Tour has been committed to providing expert advice and value on the widest selection of Kamchatka vacation packages available anywhere. We combine quality service and flexibility to achieve customer satisfaction.
We love Kamchatka and hope to share our beautiful place with you!


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