Sea walk Avachinskaya Bay - the Starichkov island


Title Sea walk Avachinskaya Bay-O. Starichkov (6 hours).
Dates Daily at (8: 00) 9: 00 and (14: 00) 15: 00 from may to October.
Tour description Excursion by boat in the waters of Avacha Bay to the island of old Men.
Tour program 1. 15 minutes before the start of the tour, tourists drive up to a certain place of gathering of the group.
2. Excursion by boat in the waters of Avacha Bay to the island of old Men. Along the way You:
*meet the nature monument "Three brothers",
• go boating in the picturesque bays,
• try to catch a flounder or perch,
• look at the bird markets of the Starichkov island,
• take a picture of the reflection of the city and "home volcanoes" in the sea surface.
Food Lunch, coffee and tea.
Shuttle Excluded
Price 7000 ₽
Complexity Available to everyone.
Group size 11 / 50 people
Equipment 1. Comfortable shoes: sneakers, etc.
2. Hat.
3. Windbreaker.
4. The sun block.
5. A remedy for motion sickness.
Important information The tour can be cancelled in the following cases:
•storm in the ocean (alternative-a tour of the waters of Avacha Bay),
•the teachings of the naval forces,
•the output of submarines from the base in the ocean (unpredictable factor).
Transport 12 seater boat.


Avacha bayAvacha Bay is a Pacific Ocean bay on the southeastern coast of Kamchatka Peninsula. It is 24 km long and 3 km wide (at the mouth), with a maximum depth of 26 m.
The Avacha River flows into the bay. The port city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the closed town of Vilyuchinsk lie on the coast of the bay. The Avacha Bay is large enough to fit any ship in the world. The bay freezes in the winter.
Avacha Bay was surveyed and mapped by Captain Mikhail Tebenkov of the Imperial Russian Navy in the 1830s.
Tri Brata is a set of three rocks at the entrance to the Avacha Bay. This picturesque stack, or rather kekur, is considered a symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Local lore suggests that these are the three brothers who went to defend the town from a tsunami and turned to stone.
Most of these excursions follow the same route, heading out of Avacha Bay past the “Three Brothers” rocky pinnacles, through the mouth of the bay to Starichkov Island. Once the boats near Starichkov Island, seabird colonies are impressive, as the precipitous cliffs rise vertically from the sea and provide nesting habitat. Starichkov Island’s name comes from the Russian name for Ancient Murrelets, as the island boasts one of the world’s largest colonies. Other bird species include nearly 20,000 Tufted and Horned Puffins, Pacific and Red-faced Cormorants, gulls, and other birds. You may contact our advertisers for more information about bird watching cruises in this area.

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