The Bystrinskiy Nature Park

EssoThe Bystrinskiy Nature Park is a key collection of central Kamchatka ecosystems. The territory of the park is the location of one of the most sizable mountain massifs of Kamchatka where alpine meadows, impassable tundra, leaf-bearing and conifer forests neighbor each other. The park is the homeland of big horn snow ship, moose, sable, bear, beaver, mink, fox, wolves, reindeer, and 137 species of birds. The region's conifer forests are not found in the other parts of Kamchatka and massive Ichinskiy Volcano is the highest active volcano in the Sredinniy mountain ridge (3 628 m). The park includes the traditional homelands of the Evens reindeer herding people who first settled in Kamchatka more than 150 years ago and one of the primary goals of the park is, by all means, in the conservation of their traditions.
Sites and itineraries of the park.
The Bystrinskiy Nature Park as the biggest and least exploited one among all Kamchatka's nature parks offers for its visitors the huge savage territory. The park's trails have been used for decades by regional hunters and reindeer herders. The Evens use sturdy northern horses for travel into wilderness. Through the park flow some of the wildest and most scenic rivers of Kamchatka and the Bystraya River of Esso is the favorite river for rafters who prefer heavy current. In Esso there are several tour companies that run 1 or 3-day rafting trips on this river.
Another great way to see the park is on horseback (both day-trips and overnight trail rides are available). Esso has several horse trip outfitters. Hiking - is a good way to see the Bystrinskiy's unique pocket of conifer forests. On the territory of the park there are some wilderness cabins which may be used with prior arrangements. Annually in the end of February beginning of March the Beringia Sled Dog Race from Esso to Ossora, along the northeast coast of Kamchatka, has a ceremonial start for one of the toughest dog races in the world. The summer solstice is celebrated as the Evens New Year.


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